Incredible treatments and services for your precious car

Your Toyota deserves the very best in the automotive industries. Whether it is maintenance, repair, or any other service, it must be of superior quality. At Habib Gulzar Motors, we ensure that your car performs up to its optimum levels.
We provide you and your vehicle with incredible services. Whatever you need, we will get it done in a timely and efficient manner.

Unparalleled features that set us apart

State-of-the-art Workshop

Our facility features the latest technologies in the automotive industry. We handle your car with care, and ascertain that it honors the Toyota brand image. Wheel alignment, wheel balancing, advanced diagnosis tools, automatic AC gas systems, injector cleaners, we offer a variety of services under the same roof.

Quick Services

We know your time is valuable. We follow extremely quick and efficient processes that allow us to complete most of our services within just one hour… thanks to our latest technology and a highly skilled team.

Competent Team

We have an expert team that will tend to your vehicle. Our workforce has complete knowledge of all the latest equipment, and can apply it to any Toyota car. Since we are Toyota’s official representative, Toyota itself offers continuous training to our team on all their vehicles.
Thus, our team can get it right for you the first time and deliver most services in a matter of minutes.

Comfortable waiting arena

While we serve your car, you can while time away in a comfortable waiting room filled with several pastimes. Watch educational videos, watch the television, read your favorite magazine, have tea or coffee, or simply take a nap. Do whatever suits you, and it will not be long that we will have your car for you, ready to be driven home again.

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