Toyota Promise


Nothing is so good that it cannot be made better. We strive for constant improvement in everything we do. We have a word for it: Kaizen. It means continuous improvement, and it is the key principle that guides us in our commitment to deliver more to our customers.


To build safer cars, we collect information from actual vehicle accidents to analyse their cause as well as the extent and nature of the injuries sustained. We call this process the “pursuit of real safety”.  All of our products are designed with concept of “Safety First”.


We strive for true sustainability. We were the first to market a hybrid, and have now sold over 3 million Toyota hybrid cars worldwide. It is our demonstration of forward thinking, and belief in a better way, that enables us to deliver true innovation you can trust.

Which Toyota Car Do You Want?

Good decision! You have made up your mind and chosen Toyota to be your next vehicle. You are at the right place.
Being Toyota’s official and sole distributor in Afghanistan, Habib Gulzar Motors Limited offers all Toyota vehicles that are available in the country. The product range can be broadly divided into Cars, Trucks and Buses, Minivans and SUVs. Browse through our collection and you will learn about features and details of every model.

Value Add Services

The following offers are available with every Toyota vehicle.


Every Toyota vehicle features a warranty of 20,000 km mileage or one year, whichever is earlier. Please note that you can avail this warranty only if you car has been serviced at Habib Gulzar Motors Limited Service Center as per our standard procedures.

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Free Service Package

Toyota is about quality and reliability which can be maintained only if your car is regularly serviced. Keeping this in mind, we offer an absolutely free maintenance plan for every new Toyota car until it has been driven for 20,000 km or one year has passed from the date of purchase, whichever is earlier.

Duty Paid and Duty Unpaid

We offer both custom duty paid and unpaid for all our vehicles from the Kabul stock. Currently, we are the only ones in Afghanistan who have this feature.

Traffic Registration

We can provide an express traffic registrations plate for any Toyota vehicle if you require.

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