100% Genuine Parts

Being Toyota’s 3S dealers, we get spare parts directly from the company’s factories. 100% original and featuring high quality, they help us in treating the repair effectively.Find out more

Genuine Motor Oil

Do you want your car to provide you with a smooth ride, while the engine delivers you the power you demand? TGMO is what you need for getting the very best out of your car.Find out more

Full Value of Your Money

You love your Toyota and are ready to spend on it. And Toyota loves you back, ensuring you get the full worth of the money when you buy Genuine Parts.Find out more

Huge Inventory

We have a huge availability of stock. Whenever you need us, we will serve you right on time because our inventories are full of Spare Parts for all Toyota models in Afghanistan. Find out more

Toyota is about value quality and reliability; Toyota is about value Genuine Parts ensure this for always

Treating your Toyota with 100% Genuine Spare Parts

Want to increase the durability and life of your Toyota? 100% Genuine Spare Parts are what you need. Specially designed and engineered to perfection, these parts are vital for your vehicle. Plus, we outsource them right from Toyota itself, which eliminate all doubts about quality.
Toyota has manufactured their spare parts after putting in extensive years of research and huge investment amounts. The design, material and construction is flawless. Ascertaining that your vehicle continues to honor Toyota’s reliability and durability, Genuine Spare parts are what you should opt for every time your car has a repair.

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Letting the engine deliver you immense power with Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Continue Toyota’s legacy by using only Genuine Motor Oil. Featuring an advanced formula, the Genuine Motor Oil ensures that your engine operates efficiently and smoothly, without any regards to how old you car is or how much it has been driven. Even in the toughest conditions ever, your engine will give you the performance you desire.
Prepared using advanced processes and well-engineered materials, Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is a step up from other lubricants, protecting your engine from general wear and tear, corrosion and other possible damages. Treat your car with it, and you will not be disappointed ever.

Providing you with the full worth of your money

There is no point in spending money if you will not get its worth in the end; we know this well. Being Toyota’s only authorized dealers in Afghanistan, we ensure that we provide you quality that Toyota is famous for all across the globe. Our products are supplied to us by the company itself, and we ascertain that you will have no questions about quality or durability, once you use them.
Deal with us, and you will get the full worth of your money; original spare parts that are based on superiority, increasing the life of your car.

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Fulfilling your needs then and there 

Time is precious for both you and us… we never let our clients wait for more than necessary. With a huge stock of spare parts, we will cater to all your needs at the earliest. We have a supply chain that is based on the Kaizen method, meaning continuous improvement.
Place an order with us, and we will tend to it at the earliest that we can, minimizing your waiting time.

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Together, we will make your Toyota Genuine inside and outside.

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